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Deep Freeze

Our milder than usual December has lulled us into a false sense of security. 

Reality hit this morning with a bang!  Temperatures are in the teens this morning with a wind chill of zero.  At least we were spared the heavy snow that fell to the west of us.  We are far enough east in Michigan to be spared ‘Lake Effect’ snow. 

Abbie did not seem to mind the cold and enjoyed sniffing through the new snow.  I must confess I shortened our walk a bit, but hope to make it up to her in the next few days.  Temperatures are supposed to moderate soon.

As grateful as I am for the milder winter (so far), I am finding the rain and grey skies a bit of a downer.  We are promised some sunshine this week and it will be a welcome change, even if it does come with colder temperatures.

Our daughter and family returned home on Thursday, and with New Year behind us, we are trying to get back to a normal schedule.  I took down most of the Christmas decorations on Sunday and will try to finish that up today.  Of course, just when I have carefully packed everything up and stacked the boxes in the basement, some stray item will show up!  It never fails!


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