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Tough Decisions

In all the years we have owned horses, I never really envisioned a time we would be without them.  They have been a part of our lives for all of the 40 plus years of our marriage.

But owning livestock is not for the faint of heart (or the weak of knee).  My husband is no longer up to the physical labor involved in mending fences and manhandling bales of hay and as a petite woman fast approaching my sixty-fifth birthday, I cannot take up the slack.

My problem is the age of the horses.  Sunny turns 29 this year and Twiggy is 24.  Sunny is healthy enough to enjoy retirement, but is too arthritic to be ridden, and Twiggy, although sound is a bit long in the tooth to be a good sale prospect.

The fact that I have owned Sunny since she was three, and Twiggy was born right here on the farm makes these decisions even harder.  I have put out feelers to see if someone might lease Twiggy, so that she would be under someone else’s care, but still belong to me. 

Sunny would be more difficult to place, but if Twiggy goes, our vet and farrier bills would be cut in half, which would help.

These are difficult decisions, but it is what we take on when we bring these wonderful animals into our lives.


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  1. Beth Dale

    If I lived closer, I would offer a home to one or both of your horses. I hope you are able to find a loving home for both of them. I do know from experience that if you become horseless, you will miss them tremendously. Not at first so much but after a while you will long for them. That is why I now have ponies after having horses for so many years. Take care! Beth…

    January 7, 2012 at 6:06 pm

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