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Poor Boo

We have put a lot of time and effort into settling in Boo and Otis, our barn kittens.

We got them all their shots and treated Otis with antibiotics when he got the sneezes.  Brian built them an enclosure inside the barn and we close them in there at night to keep them safe from owls and coyotes, at least until they are grown.  They have fallen in with the routine and never seem to stray off the property.

Now we have a trouble maker in our midst.  Several years ago we took in and cared for a mama cat, Mary.  We were in need of a couple of barn cats at that time, so we had Mary spayed, kept and spayed one of her kittens and found homes for the rest.  She and Phyllis settled in and did a fine job of keeping the barn rodent and sparrow-free. 

Then, Mary decided to move on.  We knew she was okay because she would drop by once in a while, but we could not talk her into staying.  She is fine shape, so someone is feeding her.

Now that Phyllis is gone and the new kittens have arrived, Mary has started coming around again and today she attacked Boo and chased poor Otis up a tree.  Thank goodness we were home and heard the commotion.  I chased her away, and hope I have convinced her she is no longer welcome here!  I doubt it.  She is a cat and will do her own thing.

We will have to be on our guard until the kittens are big enough to stand up for themselves.


One response

  1. Aww kitty’s sure are moody creatures.. I hope if Mary does come around again, that they can all make peace with each other.

    December 20, 2011 at 10:41 am

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