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Decking the Halls

Friday turned out to be unseasonably warm and I took the opportunity to put up a few outside Christmas lights. 

Nothing heroic.  Just some pretty lights along the front porch and back deck and a small tree out front.  We used to string lights on one of the spruce trees out front, but that is out of the question now they have grown so big.

It was a very satisfying way to spent ‘Black Friday’, safely away from the stores and all the craziness.  I don’t handle crowds well at the best of times, and shopping on Black Friday would come under the heading of my worst nightmare. 

Our indoor decorations will be pretty

low-key too.  Not that I am a Grinch or anything, but our space is limited as is my artistic talent!  We may not even have an indoor tree, as I am not sure Sherlock will allow it!  We have not put up a tree since he was a kitten and I have a feeling it may not go well!

Life with pets can be challenging!


One response

  1. My indoor space is limited as well, but lat year we decided to get a tree regardless. My 1 cat Difranco was climbing the tree as we were trying to stand it up! Once it was up though, he seemed to stop climbing. I’m sure if we had ornaments on it though, it would be a different story.

    December 6, 2011 at 12:19 pm

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