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A Grateful Heart

There is nothing like a major holiday to set us thinking of years past.  Today I am remembering last Thanksgiving and feeling very grateful for how far we have come.

Thanksgiving 2010 was Brian’s first day out of the hospital after unsuccessful knee surgery.  We spent that morning, and every subsequent morning for the next 8 weeks at the hospital, where he received IV antibiotic treatments.

We were facing at least one more major surgery and a very real possibility that he would lose his leg.

He was too ill for us to join our good friends as we usually do on major holidays, so there was no turkey and trimmings for us on that day. 

In January the surgeon finally had good news for us.  The infection was gone and the surgery was successful, although not without complications.  It was a long, hard winter, but slowly he has improved.  With months of rehab behind us, he has regained strength and flexibility in the leg and regained a little of the weight he lost.  He is able to accompany Abbie and me on our morning walks and has taken over some of the barn chores again.  Life is good!

My life has been blessed in more ways than I can count and I try to be mindful of that every day. (Especially when things are not going my way!)  But today as we share a wonderful meal with loving friends I will be especially grateful.  Life is indeed good!


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  1. We are so glad that everything is going well for you and Brian now.

    November 25, 2011 at 9:04 am

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