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A Beautiful Sight

We see many deer tracks during our morning walks at the Nature Conservancy.  Guess they are smart enough to know where they can be safe from the hunters. 

When I took Abbie for her evening walk just after sunset last night I heard an owl close by and searched the trees to see if I could catch a glimpse of him.   Now that the leaves are off the trees it was easy to spot not one, but two Great Horned Owls in the trees just off the end of our pasture.  They were outlined beautifully against the red sky.  I was  thrilled and insisted my husband walk back there with me to see them.  Sadly, there was not enough light for photos, but I won’t soon forget the sight.  Maybe they will visit again.  I will keep looking up!

The Sandhill Cranes are still gathering in the cornfield down the road, and every time we pass there seem to be more of them.  We counted more than thirty this morning.  We are always excited to see them, as they have only recently become regular visitors to our part of the country. 



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