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First Snow

Yesterday was grey and windy and we had snow that actually stayed on the ground for most of the day.  It barely made it above freezing. 

The barn kittens stayed snug in the barn for most of the day.  Even Boo kept his roaming to a minimum.

Today is still cold, but at least the sun is shining! 

Sandhill Cranes have been gathering in the cornfield down the road from us, but have usually been too far away for good photos.  Today they were closer, and stuck around long enough for me to return home for my long lens.  We often see them during the summer, but have never seen so many in one place.  I’m sure they will soon be headed for warmer climes.

Because of the unpleasant weather, Abbie was shortchanged on her morning walk, so I ventured into the Park with her at dusk, hoping the deer hunters had packed up for the night.  Immediately saw two does calmly crossing the road in front of us, and stumbled over them again as we made our way through the woods on the way home.

We usually don’t see much of them once rifle season opens.  They wisely keep a low profile during daylight hours, but have a nasty habit of leaping in front of cars after dark.


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