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Otis’ Excellent Adventure

Otis and Twiggy

The new barn kittens are thriving and we are letting them spend as much time outdoors as possible.  I am still reluctant to let them stay outside unsupervised.  I know we are being overprotective – they are supposed to be barn cats after all, but they have won our hearts and it is just too hard to set them free.

With some help from my daughter and granddaughters, we have finally settled on a name for the black one.  Because he is jet black with striking amber eyes, we are calling him Boo.

On Friday, Otis proved my caution may not be so misplaced.  I was riding while Brian was repairing a fence, so we let them out and kept an eye on them as they played and hunted.  They both climbed an oak tree in the pasture and Otis could not figure out how to get down.  Boo went back up and down the tree several times, as if trying to show Otis how to do it, but he could not pluck up the courage.  At one point he tried making his way along the outer branches and came close to falling, so I decided he would have to be rescued.

I left a confused Twiggy in the barn, still saddled and bridled and struggled out with the stepladder.  It took a little persuading, but I finally got him to let me pluck him off the tree and carry him down.  I do hope he has learned his lesson.  This is not a procedure I would care to repeat very often!


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  1. NIce Picture and story. Glad I stopped by. Looking forward to reading/ seeing more

    October 30, 2011 at 1:19 pm

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