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Bathing Beauties

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I am taking it in easy stages to winterize the garden.  The  summer birds are preparing to leave us for the season, and it seems they all want to visit my fountain for a nice bath before they go!  The feathers and crud they leave behind keep clogging the pump, so I have put it away for the winter.  I will leave the fountain out until we are threatened with freezing temperatures, so the birds can still enjoy their day spa!

I harvested the last of the pumpkins and gourds and emptied some of my containers.  Those with flowers bravely hanging on can stay for a bit longer.  Every year, my good friend takes my geraniums, trims and stores them over the winter and magically brings them back to life in the Spring.  I don’t have the patience or the green thumb to accomplish that, so she is welcome to them, and I will enjoy seeing them in her garden next summer.

We are back to gloomy skies again today, but at least the rain is holding off.  Denver is expecting a foot of snow today, so we should count our blessings!


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