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Nicer days



Finally getting a break from the gloom and rain.  Two whole days of sunshine and milder temperatures.  What a treat. 

Thought we could enjoy a longer walk yesterday morning, but there was gunfire in the park, which made us a little nervous, so we did not go far and did not venture on to the trails.  Next month we will probably avoid the park altogether when Deer Season opens.  It makes me really nervous to stumble upon men with guns in the woods.

As the season changes and the days grow shorter we adjust our feeding schedule so the horses are coming in earlier and being turned out later.  Makes for more stall cleaning, but it beats stumbling around out there in the dark!

We use sawdust as bedding for the horses.  A few weeks ago, I  had the bright idea that raising the step in the doorways of the stalls would prevent the sawdust from being tracked into the barn aisle as the horses come and go.  Brian dutifully hunted up some wood and raised the step a couple of inches.  We realized it would take a while for the horses to get used to the change, and sure enough they tripped over the new sills for a couple of weeks. 

What we didn’t anticipate was how often we would trip over them.  After all, we knew they were there, right?  On one occasion I was carrying a bucket of water into Twiggy’s stall and when I tripped yet again, the extra weight fo the bucket made it harder to recover my balance.  I ended up staggering  across the stall and slamming my shoulder into the back wall, slopping cold water on my feet!

So much for bright ideas!


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