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October Maple

This was taken a few days ago on our morning walk.  Our walks have been shorter for the last few days because of inclement weather.  I don’t object to the cold, (it is October after all), and a bit of rain is to be expected, but cold wet and windy really takes the fun out of being outdoors, and offers very little in the way of photo-ops!

Yesterday and today, the sun finally returned, but the wind has been quite wild.

The kittens are enjoying some playtime outside each day, and so far we have been successful in rounding them up and putting them back in the barn before they strayed too far or got into trouble.  It’s true what they say about cats versus dogs.  A dog comes when you call – a cat will take a message and get back to you!

Still struggling to update programs in my computer.  My favorite photo editing program will not work with the new setup and will have to be replaced.  The same goes for my Money program, which I installed today and managed to bring my checkbook up-to-date with only a few false starts (and bad words!)

Did I mention how much I hate learning to run new programs?  I am a creature of habit, which is why so many of my programs are too old to be updated.  Onward and upward.


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  1. Beautiful shot!

    October 17, 2011 at 6:32 pm

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