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One of the rewarding things about hiking in the State Park in Spring and Fall, is sometimes I come across migrating birds which are not usually seen in our area.

I spotted this handsome pair of swans a couple of weeks ago.  Glad I had the camera with me, they were gone the next day.

Sometimes in Spring groups of Common Mergansers and Bufflehead ducks spend a week or so on the lake before moving on to their nesting grounds, and twice I have seen a lone Cormorant by the shore.

I was so surprised the first time I spotted a Cormorant, that I called our local Nature Center to see if it was even possible and they assured me they do sometimes stop here on their way South.

After what seemed like weeks of gloomy, cold, wet weather we are being blessed with a fabulous Indian Summer.  The temperature has hovered near 80 today and yesterday.

Poor Twiggy has already started to ‘hair up’ for the winter and after our workout yesterday was sweating so much I had to give her a shower.  Mother Nature sure does enjoy playing her little jokes on us.

I will enjoy it while I can.  Doubtless in a week or so the temperature will plummet and all this lovely warmth and sunshine will be a fading memory.

Today there were hunters in the Park, so we headed for the Nature Conservancy for our morning walk.  Nice and peaceful there, and much less chance of getting our heads blown off.


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  1. We get Cormorants here too, at our local park, and like you I was very surprised to see them. I can’t help feeling they’re the same ones every year since I can’t image our dreary little pond attracting that type of bird on a regular basis although we do see Great Blue Heron and Egrets there also. It’s amazing how even a small area of water draws them in!

    October 9, 2011 at 9:25 am

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