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New Barn Kitties

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A couple of weeks ago our barn cat, Phyllis, disappeared.  I searched all her usual hangouts but found no sign of her.  Guess we will never know what happened to her, and that makes me very sad  Unfortunately, that is what often happens to barn cats.  We feed our barn cats well and provide them warm beds to sleep in among the hay, and our previous two (Chopper and Chester)  lived well into their teens.

Phyllis had only been with us about four years.  She was feral when she came to us, and we worked hard to gain her trust.  She turned out to be sweet and friendly, and we really miss her.

I don’t like keeping ‘outside’ cats.  I think they belong in the house with me, safe and warm.  But in spite of all our scientific advances, no one seems to have found a better way of keeping barns vermin free than a few resident cats.

So on Saturday we visited a local shelter and purchased these two adorable kittens.  The orange one is named Otis and the grey is Christy.  The names seem to fit them well, so we won’t change them.  They are both already ‘fixed’ and have all the necessary shots, so for $115 they were a pretty good deal!

We always spay and neuter our barn cats, which can be expensive and inconvenient, so having all that taken care of ahead of time is well worth while.

Brian has spent the last week building an enclosure for them in the barn, so that they can adapt to their new home before we turn them loose.  I hope they will be with us for a good long time.


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  1. Hi Jane, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog:) You live in a beautiful place! Does Willow have a blog? Otis and Christy look gorgeous. Shame about Phyllis. I hope she has just moved on. I love your photos and your blog theme is very interesting the way it changes colour to suit your photos!

    September 20, 2011 at 3:29 am

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