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Summer flowers

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Our regular morning walk takes us across the top of the dam which forms the lake in the State Park, and there is a lovely assortment of wild flowers growing along he edge of the lake.  Finally remembered to bring a camera along to snap some of them the other day.

I have just managed to catch up on the mowing and storms are rolling in again as I write this. The lawn is almost as lush and green as it was this Spring.  It is nice to see it looking so good, but the downside is that mowing will be a never-ending chore from now until Fall. (It won’t improve the mosquito situation either!

Twiggy and I are entered in a show the weekend of September 10th, and I am heartily regretting it.  Dressage shows require entries to be sent in (and paid for) about a month ahead of the show, so we are now committed.  This week she has developed a fungal infection on her rear fetlocks and managed to split a rear hoof so badly I was afraid she would be permanently injured.

I managed to bully my poor blacksmith into making an unscheduled visit and he got the hoof trimmed to prevent further splitting.  Now I have to contact the vet for some ointment for the fungal infection.  My home remedies are helping, but we need to speed things along.

The closer we get to the show, the more convinced I am that we will be totally humiliated.  I have a lesson tomorrow and hope my teacher can work some kind of miracle!


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