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Cooling down

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On Monday the man came to install our AC.  He arrived at nine a.m.  By two p.m. he was scratching his head and calling for reinforcements.  Apparently there was a problem hooking into our electrical box.  Once that was sorted out we were on the home stretch and they just needed to rewire our thermostat.  That didn’t go smoothly either and they did not leave until around six p.m.

Abbie was twitchy and barky all day hearing strangers coming in and out of the back door and running up and down the basement stairs.  Our poor cat, Sherlock spent the day hiding under our bed refusing to go downstairs to his food and litter box.

Naturally, by the time they were done the weather had cooled off and we didn’t really need the AC.  We ran it anyway, just to check it out and guess what!  It doesn’t work!

The man came back yesterday and there was more head scratching and another man is coming today.  If we go far enough up the chain of command, perhaps they will replace the whole unit with one that works!

In the meantime the weather has become cooler and drier and Abbie and I have been able to walk on the trails in the Park again.  We have been going first thing in the morning and it has been great.  Cool, bug free and no people around!  Just how we like it!

I can’t believe how much perkier she is since the weather cooled down.  The heat and humidity have really had her depressed and not eating.  I do hope we can get that AC working before it turns hot again in a day or two.


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