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The drought continues

Trail in the Park

The heat wave and drought continue with the addition of high humidity.  I am not a fan of air conditioning, (I prefer open windows and fresh air), but as I write this a man is installing a central air conditioner in our home.  It will be a strain financially both to install and run the thing, but if we can’t live comfortably in our retirement what is the point?

With the increase in humidity the deer fly population has exploded and it is no fun walking our own ‘back forty’ these days.  They buzz around Abbie’s head and distract her so much she simply doesn’t get her business done which is very frustrating for both of us! 

The only solution is to take her to the State Park.  We stay away from the wooded areas and stick to the mowed and open areas around the beach and parking lots.  Not as much fun as the trails, but it will have to serve until the weather breaks.

My dreaded trip to the dentist went much better than expected.  My ever-patient and gentle doctor agreed that a crown would not be needed and we settled on a root canal.  Doesn’t sound like much fun, but I swear he didn’t hurt me at all.  I have to return for a permanent filling in a couple of weeks and hope to be much braver on that visit!


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