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Jack and the Beanstalk

A few years ago while shopping at our local nursery I came across some ornamental gourd plants, which claimed to grow a variety of shapes and colors on one plant.  Wasn’t sure I believed it, but couldn’t resist giving them a try. 

Low and behold, by the end of the summer I had a collection of miniature gourds in all different shapes and colors.  They were great for Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations.

I have planted these every year since with varying success. (I am not the world’s greatest gardener!)  This year I bought three plants.  Only one survived, but it is growing at an impressive rate.  I feel like Jack and the Beanstalk!  I have been taking photos every few days to record its progress. 

It is not very happy with our recent heat wave, and I wish I could have planted it in a shadier spot, but I am keeping it well watered and hope for a good harvest if I can just keep the vine alive for a few more weeks. 

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