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A Chilly Sunday

Sherlock hanging out

Back to pants and long underwear for church this morning.  Windy and snow showers and more of the same forecast for the rest of the week.  This winter just won’t let go.  Still, we should not whine too much.  Other areas of the country are experiencing much worse.  This weather is most unpleasant, but it won’t kill us. 

With the warning systems they have in place now it is rare to hear of so many killed by tornadoes.  It is very sad.

Decided against riding my horse today.  It is just too nasty out there and high winds can make even my ‘bomb proof’ mare a little spooky and unpredictable.

Will have to brave the cold shortly to take Abbie for her walk and open the pasture gate for Sunny.  Am putting it off as long as I can.


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