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Signs of Spring


After about a week of unseasonably warm temperatures, we are seeing quite a few signs of Spring.  The ice has retreated from the lakes and ponds, and the Canada Geese are back in force.


The Pussy Willow is beginning to bud, and the Park was full of the sound of Redwing Blackbirds this morning.  Not only are the Robins back, but I actually heard one singing the other day!


I have been a little lax in refilling my bird feeder, but with the snow all gone, and the summer-like temperatures, I don’t think it is needed as much.


Today is wet and chilly, and colder temperatures are on the way, but these last few warm, sunny days have been a wonderful break.  March in Michigan is very unpredictable.  It often brings warmth and sunshine, followed by a major snowstorm, so we cannot afford to let our guard down just yet!

Icy Stream


We managed another walk at the Conservatory the other day.  Still some ice and snow on the trails, so I had to tread carefully, but was glad I made the effort.

The level of the stream was down a little since I was here last, and snow and ice made for some interesting shots.


Scared up at least a dozen deer from the meadow.  The most I have seen since hunting season ended.  Unfortunately they spotted me before I realized they were there, so all I saw was white tails disappearing into the woods.  No chance for a photo. 😦

Oak Leaves On Ice


Our weather continues to be very changeable.  We had another warm-up yesterday, but it rained all day, so it wasn’t pleasant.

We were back to freezing this morning and I captured these oak leaves on a frozen puddle in the Park.


Frost decorated this fence-post a few mornings ago.


My bird feeder continues to be busy.  Some days the birds are lining up on the deck railing, waiting for a turn!  I especially enjoy the Chickadees.  Always cheerful, even on the coldest days, and so bold, they will sometimes land on the feeder before I have it on the hook!

Nature Conservancy


We managed a walk at the Nature Conservancy last week.  As I expected, the stream there was very high from all the rain and snow melt we have had.


We have several inches of snow on the ground now, so I probably won’t walk there again until the footing improves.

New Snow


I was surprised to wake up to a couple of inches of snow on the ground this morning.  Not sure it was in the forecast.


Apart from the inconvenience of having to shovel my way to the barn, it was not unwelcome.  After so many dull and gloomy days, it did brighten up the landscape, and I even caught a glimpse of blue sky, which means we might actually see the sun today!


It does make a welcome change from all the foggy, wet days we have been experiencing for the last few weeks.

More snow heading our way tonight, so will have to gear up for Winter again.


More from The Bridge


It was good to see plenty of ducks, seagulls and geese when I visited the Bluewater Bridge on Monday.  We have not seen any of these birds around here since the lakes froze before Christmas.


Have not seen the sun again since Monday, and more gloomy days are predicted, along with falling temperatures.  Just a reminder that it is still January, and we shouldn’t get too used to the above normal temperatures! 🙂


Still, we are just a few days away from February (the shortest month, thank goodness), and the days are getting noticeably longer.  I can push back Abbie’s evening walk until 5:30 and still have enough light to see what she is up to.


Day Trip


Although I am grateful for the milder temperatures we have been experiencing lately, I am finding the dull, cloudy days a bit depressing.  So on Thursday, when the sun suddenly appeared, I dropped everything to drive to Port Huron and the Bluewater Bridge.


As I drove east, it was soon apparent there would be no sun at my destination, but I pressed on anyway.

Once at the park beneath the bridge, I found the river was completely ice-free.  The lake was shrouded in fog, so I could not tell if it was iced in, but the appearance of a boat approaching told me it must be at least partially open.


I was excited to see it was the Coastguard Cutter, which moors just south of the Bridge. Nice photo ops, even with less than ideal lighting.

More Weather Woes


The warmer temperatures have continue to be a mixed blessing.  Freezing rain on Monday, followed by rain through the night left my corral far too slippery for the horses.  Had to keep them in all day yesterday, which is not good for their arthritic joints, but I don’t think they should be taking up ice skating at this stage of their lives!


Even though the light was not good, could not resist trying to get some photos of a ghostly looking lake.


Not sure how much rain we have had over the last few days, but it must have been quite a bit.  The spillway from the lake is in full spate.

Wild and Crazy


Well, we did get out of the deep freeze this week.  The warm-up started Monday with rain and high winds, which turned to snow overnight.  Awoke Tuesday to 4 inches of snow on the ground.


Warmed up a bit on Wednesday, which turned the snow to slush, then re-froze.  The road in the Park where Abbie and I usually take our morning walk was a sea of frozen slush, so we had to find another route.


Most of the snow was gone by Thursday, but then we had freezing rain, which made our alternate route too slippery to walk on.

The water in my barn finally thawed, and next week’s forecast is for above freezing temperatures several days in a row.  Almost halfway through January, and counting the days till Spring! 🙂

Back in the Deep Freeze


It has been a while since I posted anything.  The weather did warm up enough to chase away almost all of our snow, but it was so dark and cloudy, I was not inspired to go out with my camera.

These outbuildings belong to what used to be a dairy farm not far from here. The owner passed away some time ago, and the property is now for sale.


I doubt if it will be used for farming again, so I wanted to preserve these buildings (at least digitally) as they may soon be gone for good.


The milder temperatures deserted us a few days ago, and we are back in the Deep Freeze again.  It was close to zero when I walked Abbie this morning.  The water in the barn froze, and I am having to lug water from the house for the horses.  I keep telling myself it is helping to keep me fit, but it is a miserable chore whichever way you look at it! 😦

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