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Bright Morning


We took a different route through the Nature Conservancy last week.  Lots of misty mornings lately, as the temperature rises and falls.  Volunteers built this boardwalk through a swampy area.  The lush vegetation almost threatens to overgrow the path.


Cup Plants have been late to bloom this year.  They are quite sensitive to heat and drought, but have perked up with the recent rains.


Beginning to see a few signs of Autumn here and there.


It was foggy enough one morning to allow me to get a shot of the rising sun, looking more like a full moon! A rare opportunity.




Dark and Deep


With the change of season, the woods are virtually free of mosquitoes and deerfly, so Abbie and I can enjoy walking the trails again.


A few wildflowers are still blooming, and we came across this Aster this morning.


Also found this interesting Coral Fungi.


Chilly and quite foggy this morning, but it promises to be warm and sunny later on.  Will try to make the most of it, as Summer is dwindling fast.




Recent rains have brought out a fine selection of fungi.  I found these in the Park a few days ago.


I have not had much luck identifying most fungi, but I believe this one could be Destroying Angel.  A rather sinister name, but appropriate, since it is poisonous.


Found this one today in my ‘back forty’.  It is about 5″ across.

It seems for every edible mushroom that grows, there are deadly look-a-likes.  Just one reason I would never attempt to harvest wild mushrooms!  Will leave it to the experts.

Farm Tour


Each year, Metamora Hunt hosts a tour of some of our local horse farms.  This is an important fund-raiser for the organization, which has been active in our area for 90 years.


Summer is a busy time, and I have never managed to make the tour, but this year a friend invited me to accompany her, and we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon together.


These farms are nestled in some of the most beautiful country in the area.

Non horse people are often confused by the ‘blindfolds’ these horses are wearing.  They are actually made of a soft mesh which the horse can easily see through and serve to protect their eyes from pesky flies.


We saw an interesting mix of old and modern barns, all beautifully kept.  These horses enjoy a very comfortable life!



Trip to Stratford ON


Met my daughter in Stratford last weekend for a mini-vacation.  It was arranged at rather short notice, so we did not see one of the many wonderful plays on offer, just shopped the fascinating little stores, and explored the area.


A walk by the river almost always provides the opportunity to meet and photograph swans.  It pays to approach them carefully as they are large and can do a lot of damage if frightened or angered.  Most of the ones I have seen here are well used to tourists, and this one was quite happy to ignore me and my camera.


The ducks here are so tame, I was almost tripping over them!


On Sunday we made our way to nearby St. Marys, where we discovered a nice Rails to Trails hiking trail.


There is a stone quarry at St. Marys, so many of the buildings here are built with stone.  I thought the architecture was quite beautiful.  The Town Hall was built in 1891.


Applewood Estate


More uncomfortably warm weather in the forecast, so I decided to take advantage of a cooler day to visit Applewood Estates in Flint.


This former home of the Charles Stewart Mott family was donated to the public, and is cared for by many dedicated volunteers.


Hydrangeas were putting on a lovely show.


Many wonderful photo ops.  A very pleasant place to spend and afternoon.

Day Trip


Last Friday, hot, humid weather promised to keep me cooped up in the house for most of the day, so I decided to seek some relief at Port Huron.

The linear park which runs under the Bluewater Bridge offers a great view of Lake Huron and the St. Claire River, and there is almost always a cooling breeze there.


It is always a thrill to see the big freighters make their careful way from Lake into the narrow confines of the river.


I think this guy was hoping for a handout from me, but I didn’t pack a lunch, so he was out of luck!


The bridge is well named, as the water here really is this blue.  The cooling breeze did not disappoint, and I enjoyed a nice, leisurely walk. Much as I appreciate my air conditioning at home, I would much rather be outside enjoying the sunshine than cooped up indoors.  It was well worth the drive.


Flower Pics


Took advantage of a beautiful day to pay a brief visit to Seven Ponds Nature Center.  Their Butterfly Garden is not yet in full bloom, but I found this beautiful Lilly.


My own Day Lilies are just coming into their own now.  They are my kind of flower, needing little to no attention from me!



Plenty of Crown vetch in bloom now.  I see a great deal of it by the roadsides.


Also came across some Winter Vetch at the Nature Center.  Just getting the hang of a phone app which helps me identify some of these plants!











More Blooms


I was able to plant my flowers a little early this year because of an unusually warm May, and they are doing well so far.


We are in for a few very hot days, so I will be kept busy watering everything.

Having everything in containers keeps weeds at a minimum, but requires much more watering, which I don’t mind.


At least I have the option of moving them into the shade if the heat begins to get to them.


June Blooms


Now that warmer weather has finally arrived, we are all playing catch-up with our outside chores, and I haven’t spent as much time with my camera as I would like.

I did manage to get a few shots on the morning walk the other day.  Found this Coreopsis growing at the Nature Conservancy. (Had to use a phone app to identify it!)


Irises are quickly fading, but I managed to find this beautiful bloom.


Lots of Wild Roses blooming in the Park, and I was happy to catch these with my pocket camera.

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